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Middle East – May 19, 2013

Up  early, breakfast starts at 7 AM, which is also when the bus leaves. Everyone grabs a quick bite, and we’re off to Abu Dhabi.

Rob Nielson gives the thought of the day about virtue and the daily-practice needed for virtue in our life.

Song: Oh How Lovely Was the Morning (Indeed it was)

Tour guide: Everything has been built in the last half century. Driving down Shik Zayed road on our way to the Shik Zayed Mosque. Shik Zayed was the former king of Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is the second largest emirate. Abu Dhabi is the largest.

Driving through the “green belt” we learned the trees by the highway are hand planted and irrigated. The UAE is protecting the highway and adding forest greenery to the landscape by planting so many trees.

A marriage fund exists to help the local men get married as it is an expensive affair. Teh fund is 70,000 dirham and it is only provided for your first family. You also must marry a local girl. You an have up t four families.

We visited the Shik Zayed mosque. It was a massive structure with ornate and finely detailed artwork throughout. It had numerous domes and 96 pillars in the building (Equal to the number of chapters in the Quran, and the number of names for Allah painted on the wall). The mosque faces Mecca.

Drove by Shik Khalif’s “residence” in Bateen. It was a palatial fortress.

Visit to Invest AD, a fund established to diversity revenues from oil into other regional institutions. They are entering frontier markets such as Iraq, Africa, the Middle East, and GCC (Gulf Corp. Council).

Lunch at IKEA

Ferrari World was all business. If your business is riding the fastest roller coaster in the world! After meeting with the marketing team and learning about their brand, daily breaks, even point, and big picture marketing strategies, they decided the best way to know the business was to experience the park.

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