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Middle East – May 16th, 2013


The accommodations at the Taj President Hotel in Mumbai have been top notch. A few likely spent the morning in the pool or exercising at the gym. Most of us are able to sleep even until 7:00 am. unfortunately for many in the group the evening brought on some stomach ailments. Nearly half of the group has had trouble of some sort, and a few were up much of the night.

After another top-notch breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and boarded the buses. Our bus tour was of Mumbai (Bombei), and it was very fascinating. The architecture that we saw was breathtaking. Maure Bannion and Rain trees lined the streets and together with palms and other tropical plants made for a beautiful drive. this part of the city was remarkably clean and well kept. Some of the real estate in Mumbai is categorized as teh most expensive in the world. Each square foot of residential space sells for $900-2500! One “home” we passed is said to be the most expensive in the world at $1 billion. It encompasses 27 floors, 400,00 sq. ft., and employs 600 servants!

We also learned that women wear their Sari in specific ways to distinguish where they are from.

The visit to P&G was very interesting. Their efforts to develop specific products for the Indian market have paid off with impressive growth. Their approach to marketing and brand development is really top-notch. The presentations were polished and very applicable.

-Adam Earl

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