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Middle East – May 14th, 2013

Tuesday – Day 5

Forecast: 110 and Sunny

We had a great night’s stay at the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel. Many of the students awoke early for a poolside yoga session. the instructor was very patient with the first-timers and reminded us to “Always smile.”

After another great breakfast we headed off to experience Jaipur city. Jaipur was the first planned city in India, Founded in 1727. The current population is 3.2 million.

We headed on up into the mountains to see the Amber Palace. the palace was quite impressive. High upon the mountain was an immense palace along with a wall that was similar to the Great Wall of China. We were escorted up to the palace atop elephants, symbolic of how the Maharaja would have been carried up. One of the most interesting features was the 400 year old air conditioning.

We rode down the mountain on a tight Jeep ride and then worked on our negotiating skills with the local vendors. More impressive than the vendors were the small boys who performed magic tricks alongside the bus. quite talented at such a young age.

On the way back we stopped for some additional shopping and then back to the hotel for lunch.

We checked out of the palace hotel and headed to the airport for our flight to Mumbai. Many of us are looking forward to spending more than one night in the same hotel, although our accommodations have been exceptional up to this point.

there was quite a contrast when we arrived in Mumbai. Not only was it noticeably cooler by several degrees, but we had transitioned form the older, poorer cities of Delhi and Jaipur to the big city sky-curve of Mumbai.

Once again the motel is great and we are all looking forward to our business visits tomorrow.

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