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Asia, May 25th, 2013

On the way to China everybody knew it was going to be a long flight…but everyone was so excited to go that it didn’t seem to bother anybody.  Well today is the trip back and everybody is “trunky” to be home and not in the same mood as on 5/9/13.

Our bags are heavier and stuffed with souvenirs and goods purchased from the excursion and we were all excited to get those bags onto a plane and no longer having to lug them around…especially Tema Hunkin with her 15 green heavy bags.  Not to rub salt in Matt Gardner’s wounds…but his bags were a little lighter since he accidentally left 3 custom made suits in his hotel room in Cambodia.

One treat today was that nobody had to pay extra charges for our bags that were over the weight limits.  Since this was not the case when going from Cambodia to Thailand.  We got the “run around” at the Cambodian airport and a few of us had to pay to get our bags to Thailand.

Ray Hamilton got left in the Forbidden City in China, Mark Knight couldn’t find his passport when going to Cambodia from Hong Kong, and many flights had unexpected delays and changes…so each trip seemed to always have a bit of excitement and some suspense.

However, today there were no issues getting home…other than American Airlines making several classmates nervous in Los Angeles, CA as the flight was over-booked and many did not have assigned seats and the American Airlines reps were not wanting to give them out.

Many of us got edema in our feet and ankles on the way to China.  With the humidity and continued travel over the two week excursion…we kept the edema for the whole trip.  Many of us did lots of eating and weight-gaining.  I just believe some of us got edema of the stomach region.  So we are looking forward to coming home and losing our swelling.

The highlight and most spiritual experience of the trip happened during the devotional on the bus to the Bangkok, Thailand airport.  The devotional was given by David Chen.  He shared stories about his extremely impoverished and humble circumstances growing up in China that were very spiritually touching…he had everybody in tears.  David shared that the Chinese culture is not one in which they tell each other the words “I love you”; however, they show each other through action and deed.  David knew that his mother loved him and I loved the stories he shared.  He also shared that because of our Heavenly Father’s love for us he gives us trials to “stretch” us and help us grow to become better sons and daughters to be worthy of His love.  His stories resonated with us and we each had more context considering what we had just learning about Asia through our experiences these last couple of weeks.  This was a great cap to a great Asian adventure.

-Derrick Schultz

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