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Europe – May 25th, 2013

Subject: Les Miserables and going to the London Temple to see the Murdochs

We are delayed at the Minneapolis airport for about 1 1/2 hours so we will be even later getting home.  But here is my last report on the trip.  I would have loved to stay 1 more day in London.  today when we left, the sun was shining, but so grateful for the entire trip!

The play was wonderful.  the stage has a middle part that rotates in a circle and helps to make it more dimensional.  The play was so moving.  The death scenes were incredible and so real.  The music was amazing!  there isn’t anything like it. The theatres are located in a very busy section of London and restaurants all around.  We walked to the play from the Hotel on Park Lane by the Marble Arch tube entrance and it took about 30 minutes and it was bitter cold.  David Morris got sick today and so the Barrett’s took him to the play  in a cab and Kelsey and I volunteered to take him back in the cab and I was grateful that we did.

It has rained the whole time in England.

it is now Friday and we are headed to the Lingfield station to see Launa and Reece at the London Temple.  We are on the way to the Temple and it is beautiful farm land and all we could think of is what a great place for Reece to be.  Complete contrast to London.

We arrived at the Lingfield Station and found Reece and Launa waiting on platform one for us as we got off the train on platform 2 and then climbed the stairs and walked on the bridge over to platform 1 where they were waiting.  it was so wonderful and Launa and I shed a few tears.  so good to see them.  They took the bus in to get a few groceries and walked to the station to meet us.  They were all dressed up just like they were missionaries with their name badges on.  We walked back towards town and took the city bus to the Temple.  The whole area is farmland and old homes and it is just beautiful.  They took us on a tour of where they live on the temple grounds and we met some of the senior couples they serve with.  We saw the Manor house where the Temple Presidency lives and the single sisters and another couple from Canada.  we walked around the beautiful grounds and saw the visitor center.  Launa and Reece are temporarily living in the a accommodations building where members can stay when they come to do temple work, but they are waiting for a couple to leave, and then they get to move to one with a bedroom (they currently are sleeping in the living room, kitchen and computer room and closets, as it is just one room, and a bathroom).  The other one will also have a and a bathtub!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see them.  After out tour, we called a cab and went into town to a pup to have fish and chips and visit.  It was wonderful.  We came back, and went to do a session at the Temple.  Launa did some research and found some family names that we could do on the Young side and then we were able to seal the family together.  What an experience.  There were just 9 people there in the session; and we were 4 of those nine.  I guess they are having a problem getting members to come to the temple, and local leaders are really working on that.  2 elderly sisters that were there, drove 2 1/2 hours to come to the temple.  the celestial room is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  it is gorgeous!  then what a tender, sweet moment when the four of us could participate in the proxy sealings.  This was a once in a life time memory for us!!  Thank you, Launa and Reese for making that happen.  We left their place at 8:20, and I cried all the way to the train station with 3 minutes to spare to catch the train back to London.  We will catch the underground from Victoria station to the central line and then to marble arch where our hotel is.

We leave the hotel at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow,  Saturday, May 25th to catch the 12:30 flight home, through Minneapolis.  we should be home Saturday night.

The trip has been perfect and we are so grateful to have been able to have the experiences that we have had!

-Debbie Ruse

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