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Europe – May 22nd, 2013


It is my day to write in the group journal.  Breakfast was excellent again.  I had multiple pastries and some chocolate cake and come crepes and some sausage, and some potatoes, and some tomatoes, and some cheese, and some bread, and some… well, you get the idea.

At the train station we almost boarded the wrong train until Fritz made us freeze in our tracks with a booming STOP!  I think our hearts skipped a beat and we wondered if we had just committed some terrible crime and we would soon end up in some deep dark room deep under the subways of Paris.  Well, we survived, boarded the correct train and now we are headed at a very fast speed to London with all our luggage stored at the front and back of the train car.  It appears to be nap time, reading time, and for some of us, journal writing time.

We stopped by Windsor Castle to have a sip of tea with the Queen.  Unfortunately she wasn’t home and we had to settle for a tour of the State Apartments, a stroll around the grounds with some royal guards looking on, and a peak into St. George’s Chapel.  At one point I wondered if my watch had stopped and suddenly got nervous and started quickly walking back to the bus.  Mike Swenson asked why I was walking so fast and when I saw him relaxing on a bench I knew I could breathe a little easier.  It is important for us to be on time to avoid embarrassment.  You certainly wouldn’t want to be late for tea with the Queen.

After Windsor Castle it was off to our hotel on the corner of Park Lane and Oxford Street across the street from Hyde Park.  By the way, the orchid arrangements in the lobby are just fantastic, so gorgeous.

After a  break we met up in a conference room in the hotel for a fabulous presentation by Ron Judd from Maiden International.  This successful business man, stake president, and family man gave a dynamic talk about our individual personal brand, the importance of aligning aspirations with our strengths, desires and skill set.  He reminded us of the challenge of finding balance between work, family and church.  Each of these areas has to give and take and if we get too focused on just one area all will suffer.  If we are considering working abroad we need to be flexible, recognize that just because it is different doesn’t mean it is wrong, and really think hard about whether this is the right choice for us.  This was an excellent experience as we get close to wrapping up the business visits.  It was a reminder that it’s not all about the money and yet it is about the money – more specifically balance is critical.

The end of a great day.  Good night!

-Jacob Tenney

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