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Asia – May 24th, 2013

Today was our last day before we travel home. We were able to arrange our schedule in Thailand that it allowed for a group to go to the River Kwai, go on an elephant ride and pet some tigers. The rest of us had a free day to either shop or nap or pack or do whatever we would like to do. It was a good day to relax and reflect. What an amazing trip! I’ll admit that I was not prepared. I had different ideas of what the culture would be like in each of these places. The only places that I had an accurate idea of what the country would be like was Cambodia. I was picturing that China and Thailand would not have been as developed as they were. I know they are major industrial zones, but I was thinking more of what the US would have looked like during the industrial revolution. I started to think about the different flatteners how flat the world is. One of the things that stood out to me is how interdependent each of the countries become as the world flattens. What happens in one country can have a big impact on another. We have seen this over the years as different countries have gone through financial turmoil. I think we will see countries have more impact on each other the more flat and integrated the companies get within each of these countries. This has been an incredible experience. There were many things that i think we will be able to take back home with us.


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