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Europe – May 23rd, 2013

We are on the train this morning leaving Paris to go to England.  We made it through customs and of course, Kelsey and I were picked to be searched.  They took him back through security and checked all of him, and they took my briefcase and asked if I had more than $10,000 euros and I told him we would be good to have 9 euros,  He didn’t even smile.  I though it was funny.  They put our group in a special place to board the train first because we have so much luggage.

Yesterday we visited Loreal and Mercer.  Loreal gave us lunch in their cafeteria and the students were able to ask the Director over sourcing more questions.  Her mother is from Vietnam and her dad is from Spain and when she was very little they moved to Paris, and we had a hard time understanding her.

Then we got back on the subway to go to Mercer.  It has rained her for 3 days and has been so cold and I didn’t bring the right shoes, or any gloves!   Had to wear my tennis shoes until we got to the business and then change shoes.  we need to tell the women to take boots to Paris, even in June.  I think it will be the same in England.  I couldn’t buy anything, because of the expense.  I could buy many missionary clothes in Utah, for the price of one thing there.

Think we are now in the underwater tunnel as my ears keep popping!

Our last night in Paris consisted of us counting our euros and then determine what to eat for our dinner.  we found a great pizza place and then we gave our 9 euros of money left to Fritz as our tip to him!  Andy, I am bringing his tour guide information home as you may want him to take your company or family on a great ski trip.  He is a great guide.  On our way back to the hotel, Kelsey and I watched a group of 3 staking out a place for them to sleep for the night on the streets of Paris.  A women moved a man hole out of the way, and she reached in and pulled out stuff that we assume she stashed during the day.  They look for large building hangovers that have kept that area dry and they put down cardboard and plastic on top of them and their stuff, which usually consists of a couple of suitcases.  They were everywhere.  Our hotel was in the Opera part of Paris; so I don’t know if this occurs elsewhere in London. We have had the best breakfasts at the hotels.  Everyone has been wonderful!  We heard on the news that a young man committed suicide yesterday in Notre Dame with all of the people there.  how sad.

We have the best students traveling with us.  Eric Gale has taken David Morris under his wing and it has brought me to tears a few times on the trip watching how Christ-like he has been.  David was born with some serious birth defects.  He doesn’t have arms.  His hands are connected almost to his shoulders and Eric has been by his side the entire trip, from carrying all of his luggage to opening water, to making sure that he has food.  Both of them are amazing, because there has been so much walking and David’s knees hurt so bad, but he has been a trouper and a reminder to all of us when we start feeling pains of walking.

When we get to London we will go see Windsor Castle first and then to the hotel.  Andy did such a good job of showing us lots of London and we did see Windsor Castle with him, but we will probably learn something knew.  if I see the Queen, I’ll tell her you all said Hi!

just got out of the Chunnel, so I guess we are in England.  this train doesn’t go as fast as the one in Japan.

-Debbie Ruse

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