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Middle East- May 15, 2013

We arrived in Mubai yesterday and it is hot and HUMID. After a night in the hotel, we woke to have some breakfast, and the highlight of breakfast was the gourd juice. Several of us passed around a glass of the bitter juice, that was said to be good for you. I certainly hope it had some benefit because it was so bitter and so bad. We then threw on the suits, with everyone looking great to hit the Tata business visit. Ben Alton gave us the recap of the company on the way there, and did a wonderful job. Upon arrival at Tata, they put us up in neat clean and cool conference room. We learned first from the VP of the company as a whole and the many different things Tata does domestically and globally. We then heard from James, who works directly with TCS. We learned about the Hr side of the hiring and training. They hire tens of thousands of people each year and are growing at a very rapid rate.What stuck out most for me, was the number of Indian employees they employ around the world that work in other countries as expats.

We then hit Mahindra. This wasn’t nearly as posh as the visit to TCS, but it fit their mold. they make their living by catering to the more rural crowd. While them seem to be trying to diversify into numerous areas, their bread and butter is both in India, but also in the rural and farm areas. They not only have very affordable products with none of the bells and whistles, but they also have an interesting way to finance the more local people. They are able to take each person wanting to use a tractor on a case by case basis to see whether that person can pay and how. They are able to collect cash as well, and these more rural places don’t have EDT etc…

After the visits we had dinner as a group and enjoyed together.

The belly bug has hit the group finally. We have a few that are moderately ill, but we did have more severe sicknesses hit, Rhett, Kristen, Rob. We hope everyone recovers, as this was our last night in India.

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