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Asia- May 15, 2013

This morning began with everyone enjoying a delectable breakfast provide in the Shangri La, The China World Hotel. Promptly at 6:30 AM everyone loaded the bus and headed to the Airport for yet another fun filled day of travel. Upon arrival, as anticipated, we were four hours early and gate assignments were unknown. Most of us stayed outside of security and enjoyed a few moments of reflection, work or calls home to family. For most, this was a fairly eventless day till our arrival. We quickly realized that our new “home” hotel and location was another blissful experience waiting to happen. The property for the Sheraton resort is fantastic. There large pool, beach, and exercise equipment to give even Jeff Mercer a run for his money. Clearly, our negotiation class hasn’t gone to waste as Tema managed to get David Chen to check her back through to Shenzhen.

-David Danielson

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