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Asia- May 14, 2013

What an incredible day in Beijing! We knew that great things were on the horizon as we learned about the Pratt-Yetter sweat lodge. They had both experienced a miserable night’s rest due to a thermostat that was set at 30º C (84º F).

On the bus we enjoyed a fantastic devotional about being a Christlike example. Professor Hatch quoted a general authority saying that if we were accused of being christian, would there be enough evidence to convict us. Then we sang all verses to the hymn, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. The spirit was strong as we pondered it’s powerful words.

The first business visit for the day was the Chinese energy company, ENN. It was amazing to see how this company is working towards creating clean energy. We learned about how a process they use to gasify coal and then use algae to “soak up” some of the excess CO2. It was inspiring to see a company trying to innovate in an area that affects all of us.

Next we saw how ENN has built a natural gas distribution system complete with a real-time feedback loop. Their NOC allows them to see exactly what is going on with every aspect of that business, from broken lines, to repair men locations. It was a great example of how companies can use big data to accomplish big things.

The highlight of the day was meeting with the ENN President at their new world-class golf course. We were humbled at the respect, kindness, and time they shared with us, complete with the President hand delivering each of us a special departing gift (a beautiful pen). This was the first purely Chinese company that we visited and we fell in love with their culture.

We then rode the Beijing subway to visit NBA China. There we learned that China may have more viewers of NBA games then the US, even though China doesn’t have it’s own teams! We also learned that in order to do business here, you must be flexible and understand the local market.

The day ended with a final last-mad-dash to the silk market to pick up custom tailored suits and trinkets for home. On to Hong Kong next!

-Brytt Cloward

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