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Middle East- May 15, 2012

A travel day is always interesting.  We were to meet in the lobby at08:40 to depart at 09:00.  Some people (not me, of course, oh no…) had their brains incorrectly set an hour early and nagged others in the group a full hour early.  The nerve!  Other than this bout of unpunctuality, the morning’s events were on time.  Arriving at the airport we scattered to the four winds in order to scavenge food after getting checked in (insert grumbling here about Turkish Airlines’inability to have two checked bags for this international flight), through passport control and security, and being abused by the prices in the Duty Free area.  Gate 308 was the point from which we would depart and begin our next adventure in country #4 (not counting the UK).

Our flight was uneventful and included chocolate pudding and a translation of every single announcement into three languages.  In Madrid we took a bus to the Westin Palace Hotel which is pretty nice…. for a five-star hotel.  The Internet access is not free in the rooms so we’ll be slower communicating home from the spotty, slow wifi connection in the lobby but since that’s the main hardship we must endure it really is not that bad.  The day ended with various groups venturing off to make trouble around Madrid, witnessing protests of some sort, seeing musical concerts in parks, and otherwise relaxing.

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