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Middle East- May 4, 2012

12:29 MDT – To some, the culminating event for an EMBA program is the International Business Excursion; my personal opinion is that this is probably a highlight for many of us in our entire lives.  So far we have traveled from our homes to airports, a pretty regular task for anybody in the USA. This involved covering more ground in an hour than people one hundred fifty years ago could travel in a week, and none of us died.  Arriving at the airport we found that our flight was delayed, which is pretty terrible.  We are now deciding which airplane will take us across the entire country, if not to another hemisphere, in the next twelve hours.  The incremental cost to us for this rerouting of a thousand tons of steel with a few hundred passengers, plus reserving hotels for everybody aboard in Atlanta?  Nada.  A portion of the group is planning an Anti-Aviation Avengers Action in Atlanta…. basically going to the movies really late.  Our flight tomorrow to Dubai will be leaving in the evening, just like it would have today, so the need for large amounts of rest tonight is fairly minimal.  Considering the speed of our flight and the potential for jet-lag it may even be advisable for us to pretend we’re in Dubai on the UAE timezone (GMT+4) to help with the transition in a day or so.

Regardless of the options taken, a start that is not meeting with our original plans is working out well enough and has added some unexpected excitement for all of us.

12:30 MDT – Arrived at airport to a text message that the flight was delayed… not leaving for a couple more hours.  Nothing to worry about, right?  Inside the airport there was weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth; apparently our two-hour delay will hold back the next flight by *gasp* thirty minutes, and so that may not be an option.  Note to self: Have Professor Pinegar explain the finances that make putting a few dozen people up in hotels, with meals, cheaper than delaying a flight by a half-hour.  On the plus side, we have a picture of the woman who controls where we go and tells us we’re delayed, so we may need to doctor it up with horns… depending on where we go.

Update @ 13:15 MDT – As with most things, there’s always more to the story.  Our delay, combined with more delays, combined with bad luck may cause our group to be split up, half going through Paris, France to make it to Dubai on time for our first meetings, and half to stay in Atlanta to head to Dubai a day later.  Who goes where? We’re testing our ethics resolve as we blackmail professors for trips to Paris.  Those who go…. you know how ethical they are.

@14:50 MDT – I’m sure everybody will be happy to know that as BYU students we all opted to NOT bribe the professors, or the airline, and instead opted to stay together as one big delayed group in Atlanta.

Yeah…. that’s how it happened.  Okay, so it may be a little different than that.  Going to Paris would have been great, and a good portion of us could have made it, but getting from there to Dubai apparently was not in the cards.  As a result we’re instead hanging out in Terminal 2, near gate C6, trying to entertain ourselves.  Our social director, Cameron from the blissful land of Idaho, has enlisted Amy (not from Idaho) to hold a scavenger hunt.  Two groups participated and only managed to get chased by security for about fifteen minutes.  In the end the group of girls won, and claimed that they “did not have any competition” (Ruth Perkins).

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