BYU Executive MBA Foreign Business Excursion Journals

Welcome to the BYU Executive MBA Foreign Business Excursion (FBE) Journal!

Every Spring, second-year BYU Executive MBA students embark on a business-focused trip to learn about international corporations and how they do business in a global economy. During the two-week experience, students visit one of three general areas of the world: Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of the corporate global headquarters they visit include BMW, Bulgari, Disney, Intel, Lenovo, BYD, and many others.

In addition to learning about the ways these companies conduct their business, students are about to explore the different cultures and locations. It is a good time for them to bond as a class, get to know one another even better, and in some cases, include their spouses in the BYU MBA experience.

At the end of every day of the FBE, students take turns writing in a special class journal about their experiences. This website is dedicated to those journal entries. Enjoy reliving the experiences you and your classmates had if you’re an alumnus/a of the program. If you are looking into becoming a student, this is a good indicator of the type of business professional you will become in two-years time.

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